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Shaft Collar 10mm-75mm Mild Steel Zinc Plated

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Shaft collars are mechanical devices that secure and hold components onto a shaft or spindle. These collars are widely used in various industries, including manufacturing, automotive, and aerospace. Shaft collars are essential components in many mechanical systems, as they hold components such as bearings and gears in place and secure flexible conduits such as cables and hoses to a shaft. They are easy to install and remove and provide a reliable, durable hold.


  • 10mm Shaft Collar: A 10mm bore – B 20mm diameter – C 10mm width
  • 12mm Shaft Collar: A 12mm bore – B 22mm diameter – C 12mm width
  • 17mm Shaft Collar: A 17mm bore – B 28mm diameter – C 12mm width
  • 20mm Shaft Collar: A 20mm bore – B 32mm diameter – C 14mm width
  • 25mm Shaft Collar: A 25mm bore – B 40mm diameter – C 16mm width
  • 30mm Shaft Collar: A 30mm bore – B 45mm diameter – C 16mm width
  • 35mm Shaft Collar: A 35mm bore – B 56mm diameter – C 16mm width
  • 40mm Shaft Collar: A 40mm bore – B 63mm diameter – C 18mm width
  • 45mm Shaft Collar: A 45mm bore – B 70mm diameter – C 18mm width
  • 50mm Shaft Collar: A 50mm bore – B 80mm diameter – C 18mm width
  • 55mm Shaft Collar: A 55mm bore – B 80mm diameter – C 20mm width
  • 60mm Shaft Collar: A 60mm bore – B 90mm diameter – C 20mm width
  • 70mm Shaft Collar: A 70mm bore – B 100mm diameter – C 20mm width
  • 75mm Shaft Collar: A 75mm bore – B 110mm diameter – C 25mm width



10mm ID, 12mm ID, 15mm ID, 16mm ID, 17mm ID, 20mm ID, 22mm ID, 24mm ID, 25mm ID, 26mm ID, 30mm ID, 35mm ID, 40mm ID, 45mm ID, 48mm ID, 50mm ID, 55mm ID, 60mm ID, 75mm ID

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shaft collars made from mild steelSHAFT COLLARS
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